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Have you ever wanted to know EXACTLY what it takes to become a really great leader?


Do you have a burning desire to make a difference but you don't know how to get people to do what you want?


Or maybe you find the leadership development you've been given at work is out of date, uninspiring and just doesn't work, and you've been looking for something different?


I have just what you've been looking for


Hi, I'm Cathy and my mission is to help you become an inspiring leader so you can change the world!


I've created a step-by-step course full of my very best content that will give you advice, guidance, theory and practical actions you can take if you want

  • To develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes you need to realise your leadership potential

  • To know exactly what next-generation leadership skills you already have

  • Expert advice on how to develop new skills or enhance the ones you've already got

  • A personalised Leadership Development Plan that shows you what skills you need to work on first

  • To know how to keep motivated, get inspired and spot the opportunities you need to grow and develop

  • Tips, tools and techniques that you can put to practical use to keep you focused, engaged and successful on a daily basis even when the going gets tough (which it will)

  • Absolutely no management speak or jargon. We won't be leveraging our synergies going forward or getting our ducks in a row around here...

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This Course Is For You If...



You have the drive, passion and motivation to make a difference but you don't know where to begin or how to be accepted as a leader

You're someone that doesn't have the title "leader" (and maybe you don't want that) but you know deep inside that you have a mission to change how things are done for the better.

Whatever your mission is - and it could be in any context, local, national, or global -  you feel driven to speak up, speak out and make people take notice. You might be the next Malala (although I sincerely hope you don't have to get shot to be heard), the next Rosa Parks, the next Wangari Maathai but so far something has stopped you from getting your message out there in a way that compels people to hear it and follow you.

Ready to find out why and do something about it?

When you sign up for this email course you can get started on identifying the critical skills you need to develop in order to get your voice heard by those in authority. You'll learn practical ways to speak truth to power and as a subscriber you'll get extra free resources, created just for you, that will help you develop further including

  • How to bring your values to life

  • How to create a compelling mission statement that honours your values

  • How to tell your story in a compelling way that makes people want to hear it


You're already in a leadership role but feel like you're not getting the support you need to develop


You do have the word "leader" in your title, although maybe you haven't had it long, and you feel like you've been put in a boat way out to sea and left without an instruction manual.

Or maybe the manual you've been given is for an entirely different type of boat, so while at first glance it appears to be useful actually it's leading you further astray.

You might feel like someone's made a dreadful mistake in giving you this leadership role and sooner or later they're going to realise and take it away from you; in the meantime you're keeping your head down, muddling through and praying that nothing goes wrong.

Ready for some expert, up-to-date leadership development that will really take you places?

This course will enable you to

  • identify which next-generation leadership skills you already have

  • prioritise the ones that are going to be most useful to you in your current role

  • create a personalised Leadership Development Plan 

  • take action to apply your current and developing leadership skills in your own environment

As a subscriber you'll also get access to extra free resources, created just for you, that will help you develop further including

  • an in depth guide to increasing your Emotional Intelligence

  • advice on why you need a mentor and a coach, and how to find the right ones for you

Sound good?







What's The Catch?


There isn't one. These are my promises to you:


  • This course, which is loaded with actionable content, is completely free

  • The extra material that I reserve exclusively for you when you subscribe, is completely free

  • You will get all my best content, as I create it, direct to your inbox and/or on my subscriber page

  • If you need help with anything on the course you can reach out to me via email or through the private Facebook group that goes with the course (did I mention there's a private Facebook group where you can meet up with others like you?)

  • It's all completely free

You have absolutely nothing to lose